Project Overview

Metlifecare is one of the premier retirement village providers across New Zealand, with more than 42 villages offering a full suite of lifestyles and options.

Metlifecare aims to create homes and communities to help New Zealanders live vibrant and fulfilling lifestyles in their retirement. As such, they recognise that part of the lifestyle offering is ensuring that their aquatic facilities not only meet the industry standards but also deliver on design and day-to-day use.

Metlifecare engaged Amotto Consultancy to comprehensively assess their existing aquatic facilities in 22 of their villages.

Following on from providing comprehensive Condition Assessment Reports, Amotto Consultancy worked with Metlifecare to complete Site-Specific Operational Procedures (SSOPs) for their swimming and spa pool facilities across the Metlifecare portfolio.

Project Outcomes

The 22 site Condition Assessment Reports:

  • identified compliance requirements at each village
  • prioritised maintenance needs 
  • provided recommendations and estimated costs for required works, and
  • identified opportunities to improve the function and operations of the facility.

Site-Specific Operational Procedures:

  • were written in accordance with NZS 5826:2010 Pool Water Quality, NZS 4441:2008 Swimming Pool Design, and industry-specific guidelines
  • were presented to each of the 22 Metlifecare villages in a comprehensive manual.

Healthy and safety improvements and upgrades:

  • were made to the swimming and spa pool facilities and plant rooms
  • included dosing systems, robotic pool cleaners, depth markers and rescue equipment where required.

Amotto Consultancy is extremely proud to be working across the Metlifecare village portfolio. Providing their retirement villages with the resources required to enable them to be the first retirement village providers to be presented with the ‘Quality Pool’ accreditation. This accreditation is the operational benchmark set by Recreation Aotearoa for all retirement village pool and spa facilities and is endorsed by the Retirement Village Association (RVA).

Project Specifications


Metlifecare Villages



Project Size

22 Metlifecare villages


2022 (+ ongoing support)

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