I had the pleasure of working with Amy for a couple of years whilst she managed our pools. I found her dedication and knowledge second to none and I would have no hesitation in recommending Amy to anyone who requires a knowledgeable aquatics expert.

- Kevin, Property Manager, Healthcare Provider

Retirement Villages

Condition Assessment Report (Kensington Park)

Amotto Consultancy worked with Kensington Park to complete a Condition Assessment Report of their existing swimming pool facility. Residents across their large site in Orewa have access to a swimming pool and adjoining sauna.

The Kensington Park Residents Association is meticulous in ensuring that all operational and compliance aspects are achieved and maintained to a standard. This provides them with the confidence that they are providing a high level of service to their residents.

Condition Assessment Report (Arvida Bethlehem Country Club)

Amotto Consultancy was engaged to complete a Condition Assessment Report of the existing swimming and spa pool facilities at the Arvida Bethlehem Country Club. These are popular facilities within the village which are thoroughly enjoyed by the residents.

All required operational, maintenance and capital requirements were captured within our report to ensure the facility can continue to be operated and maintained to a high standard that the residents can enjoy.

Site-Specific Operational Procedures (SSOPs) (Arvida Bethlehem Country Club & Bethlehem Shores)

Site-Specific Operational Procedures were developed for these two villages to ensure that the swimming and spa pool facilities complied with the requirements of the Quality Pool Accreditation. Staff Training Sessions were also provided onsite with staff at each of the villages to ensure they had a clear understanding of the requirements, which were documented within their SSOPs.

Developed Design of Proposed New Retirement Village (Morgan Pools Ltd)

Amotto Consultancy was engaged by Morgan Pools to be part of their design team discussions for a newly proposed retirement village.

We were brought on to provide operational and compliance expertise to the design. Applied through our experience with installation and management of aquatic facilities in the retirement sector.

This will be an exclusive retirement village, providing unique facilities to meet the needs of their residents.

Condition Assessment Reports (Metlifecare)

Amotto Consultancy was engaged by Metlifecare to complete condition assessment reports at villages across their portfolio where there was an identified need for upgrade works.

On completion of this work, a total of 22 site assessments were completed. These were to:

  • Identify compliance requirements
  • prioritise short- and long-term maintenance needs
  • provide recommendations and estimated costs for required works, and
  • identify opportunities to simply improve the function and operations of the facility.

Site-Specific Operational Procedures (SSOPs) & Onsite Staff Training Sessions (Metlifecare)

Following on from providing comprehensive Condition Assessment Reports, Amotto Consultancy worked with Metlifecare to complete SSOPs for their swimming and spa pool facilities across their portfolio.

The SSOPs were presented for the villages in a comprehensive manual which is written in accordance with the NZS 5826:2010 and 4441:2008 and industry specific guidelines.

Each village is also in the process of being assessed, assisted by Amotto, and presented with a ‘Quality Pool’ accreditation which is the operational benchmark set by Recreation Aotearoa for all retirement village pool and spa facilities.

Amotto is extremely proud to have worked across the Metlifecare portfolio, to provide their villages with the resources required to enable them to be the first retirement village portfolio to be presented with the ‘Quality Pool’ accreditation. This accreditation is also endorsed by the Retirement Village Association.

Design and Development for New Retirement Villages (Metlifecare)

Amotto Consultancy is currently working with the development team at Metlifecare across a redevelopment and multiple new retirement village development projects.

Working as a client representative within the project team, Amotto Consultancy is across these projects from conceptual design and throughout construction. Providing the required support and relevant documentation for the handover of the facility to the operations team within Metlifecare.

The independent advice that Amotto Consultancy provides ensures that the facility design satisfies all operational, compliance and industry needs. Amotto also provides a clear specification of all pool plant and equipment to be installed to ensure a functional and compliant facility is built with equipment that is fit for purpose.

Spa Pool Access Improvements (Metlifecare)

Papamoa Beach Metlifecare Village engaged Amotto Consultancy to review the resident access into their spa pool. Residents within the village had raised concerns around the ease of access to the spa pool, and had expressed their desire to have this improved for all residents. This included added access steps and improved spa pool access.

Following a site meeting with representatives from the village a plan was developed to improve the access to a standard which the residents felt confident to use the facility.

Amotto Consultancy was engaged to finalise these discussions in a report. Which included a detailed quote from relevant contractors required to complete the proposed scope of works discussed. Amotto Consultancy was also engaged to project manage the delivery of the works, which were completed with minimal disruption.

School Swimming Pools

Condition Assessment Report (Thames South School)

Amotto Consultancy worked with Thames South School to complete a Condition Assessment Report on their existing swimming pool facilities.

The Condition Assessment Report was completed to provide the school with an initial overall ‘snap-shot’ of the condition of the existing aquatic facilities. Further to this, Amotto provided a clear list of prioritised recommendations and associated costs to complete the necessary works.

Thames South School was fortunate to obtain additional funding, which they then allocated to complete remedial and upgrade their swimming pool facilities.

Site-Specific Operational Procedures (SSOPs) for Poolsafe Accreditation (St Peter’s Catholic School, Cambridge)

St Peters Catholic School engaged Amotto Consultancy to complete SSOPs for their aquatic facility in order to comply with the requirements of the Pool Safe accreditation.

In recent years the facility had not had the correct documentation to maintain their accreditation. However, through a change in management, the decision was made to have the facility re-accredited. Working with St Peter’s Catholic School, Amotto developed the required documentation to enable the facility to be re-accredited as Pool Safe, as per industry guidelines.

Condition Assessment Report (Te Kura O Hiruharama Primary School, Ruatoria)

With an aging school pool that is a classic concrete, above ground pool which has been used and enjoyed by pupils of the school and surrounding community for many years. Te Kura O Hiruharama Primary School engaged with Amotto Consultancy to complete a Condition Assessment Report of their school swimming pool.

The report also provided concise guidance and estimated costs associated with identified works which would be required to ensure the pool can continue to be used by the school and community into the future.

Condition Assessment Report (Ngata Memorial College, Ruatoria)

The Ngata Memorial College swimming pool, located centrally within the school grounds, has been used by the school and surrounding community for many years. The facility has been used to host a number of community events in the past, which there was a clear desire, by the school and the community, to continue the use into the future.

Whilst the swimming pool filter had previously been noted for replacement, the school contacted Amotto Consultancy to complete a Condition Assessment Report. Ngata Memorial College wanted a complete overview of their swimming pool facility to understand any other necessary work and costs could also be allowed for within the pending project scope or budgeted for completion later. Ensuring the future of their community swimming pool facility.

Condition Assessment Report (Te Karaka Area School, Gisborne)

Te Karaka Area Schools swimming pool, which was constructed in the 1960’s, has been thoroughly enjoyed by students each year, however it is now at a stage where maintenance work is required to enable usage to continue.

The school engaged Amotto Consultancy to do a Condition Assessment Report on their swimming pool facility. The main area of concern for the school was the surface of the pool which was in poor condition. Other areas which were also included within the assessment included the concourse areas, pool plant, equipment and operational compliance requirements.

The Condition Assessment Report provided the school with the necessary understanding of what was required to maintain the pool to a level that would mean it could continue to be used for years to come.

Site-Specific Operational Procedures (SSOPs) (Southern Cross Campus School)

Working with Southern Cross Campus School to enable them to operate their school swimming pool within the ‘day-to-day pool management procedures’ specified by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Amotto Consultancy developed SSOPs.

Whilst implementing these procedures, the school needed to upskill additional staff onsite while a key staff member was away on extended unplanned leave. Resulting in a complete procedure and training refresh.

Condition Assessment Report (Puhinui School)

Puhinui School, Papatoetoe, asked Amotto Consultancy to complete a comprehensive swimming pool site inspection.

The information gathered onsite was provided to the school as a Condition Assessment Report of their swimming pool facilities. In turn Amotto Consultancy also provided indicative costs for identified remedial and maintenance works that would improve the future use of the facility.


Condition Assessment Reports (Hauraki District Council)

The Hauraki District Council (HDC) engaged Amotto Consultancy to complete Condition Assessment Reports across the three community aquatic facilities operated by Hauraki District Council: Waihi Swimming Pool, Paeroa Swimming Pool and Ngatea Public Swimming Pool.

These reports provided HDC with an understanding of the current condition of their swimming pool facilities and indicative remedial and maintenance costs for identified works that could influence the future use and viability of the community facilities.

Independent Site Inspection (Rotorua District Council)

Amotto Consultancy worked with the Rotorua District Council (RDC) to conduct a site inspection of the Rotorua Aquatic Centre. The snapshot inspection provided RDC with an understanding of the current condition of the swimming pool facilities, prior to contracting out the operations to an external operator.

Private Facilities

Plant Upgrade Project (JUMP! Swim School Albany)

JUMP! Swim School Albany asked Amotto Consultancy to review and provide recommendations around their pool plant and dosing equipment.

The review established that the pool plant initially installed was undersized and did not comply with the requirements of NZS 4441:2008.

As a result of the report and with the swim school experiencing substantial growth across all their programs, the owners decided to upgrade the system to ensure they could continue to provide optimal bather comfort to all of their clients.

The project scope included; an upgrade of the filtration system, installing additional skimmers and inlet jets to increase water-flow and installation of a secondary disinfection source to improve water quality.

Installation of AOP System (Trent Bray Swim School)

Trent Bray Swim School (TBSS) is an indoor purpose-built swim school located on the grounds of Kowhai Intermediate School, Kingsland, Auckland. A popular swim school, Trent Bray Swim School averages between 2500 and 3000 bathers per week. With a growing customer base, Trent’s primary sanitation system was struggling to keep up. Subsequently, Trent wanted to improve the condition of his water.

Amotto Consultancy worked with Dolphin Pacific to install an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) water purification system to provide TBSS with the best water quality possible, while ensuring the health and wellbeing of all staff and clients.

After the AOP installation, Trent’s water quality became the best it had ever been and continues to impress both clients and staff. Trent noticed an immediate improvement in water clarity and the pool’s combined chlorine levels now comply with New Zealand Standards. Since the installation work was completed, there has been no further chlorine odours and eye/skin complaints.

Since installing the AOP system, we now have a different pool environment. Our combined chlorine has dropped from 1.5 to below 0.5, giving us no chlorine smell when entering the facility. The clarity and sparkle in the water is also something we hadn't experienced before. Our adult swimmers couldn't believe the difference days after the installation, raving about how nice the pool is to swim in now. We have a UV system on our small pool and although that works well, it doesn't compare to the results we get from the AOP system.

Adrian and Amy have been a pleasure to deal with – thank you for such a smooth installation.

I highly recommend the new AOP system to anyone thinking of enjoying the amazing water quality this system gives.

- Trent, Owner, Trent Bray Swim School

Water Treatment (Vector Wero Whitewater Park)

Second Nature Charitable Trust engaged Amotto Consultancy to provide an understanding of the current operations of the water treatment system, while outlining what changes would be required if there were changes to the current business model to include ‘in water’ activities.

We highly recommend Amotto Consultancy; they provided useful and pragmatic advice in regards to our water quality for public safety with clear guidelines around best practice and risk mitigation.

- Richard, CEO, Second Nature Charitable Trust (Vector Wero Whitewater Park)

Custom Fibreglass Pool Installation (Te Puke Swim School)

Amotto Consultancy worked with Te Puke Swim School to supply and install a new custom fibreglass swimming pool.

The Te Puke Swim School owners designed their custom fibreglass swimming pool, specifically to enable them to deliver their dedicated learn-to-swim programme to the local community of Te Puke.

The well thought through design enables the swim team to provide their learn-to-swim programme to be taught within pool areas which are specifically suited to the age, and ability of each swimming stage.

Residential Swimming Pools

Independent Consultation on Swimming Pool Design (Watts Family)

Amotto were engaged by the Watts family to provide independent design recommendations for their proposed home swimming pool.

We gave feedback on the initial concept design to ensure key elements were raised for discussion. Additional information was also provided to enable informed decisions were made on pool plant and equipment.

By undertaking consultation at design stage the Watts family could make simple changes that can reduce installation, maintenance and operational costs.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Report (Charya Family)

Amotto Consultancy was engaged by the Charya family, who were looking to purchase a property with a swimming pool for the first time.

Their children were excited about the prospect of having a swimming pool. However, their parents sought our advice on potential maintenance and operational costs moving forward.

With a pre-purchase inspection report the Charya family understood what these potential costs were. This understanding provided our client the confidence required to proceed with the purchase of the property. Happy parents, happy children!

Pre-Purchase Inspection Report (Naisali Family)

Amotto Consultancy was asked by the Naisali family to provide a pre-purchase inspection report on a swimming pool and spa facility at property they had made a conditional offer on.

We found that while the pool and spa were substantially sized for a residential property, this was fit for it’s rural location. The previous owners were a part of the build process for these facilities. Therefore, it was important, as the purchaser, to seek an independent opinion of the facilities.

With a fuller understanding of what state the facilities were in, the Naisali family could complete the purchase with confidence. The Naisali family are looking forward to enjoying their new property.

Custom Fiberglass Pool Installation (van Tonder Family)

Amotto were involved with the planning for this custom fiberglass pool installation project as soon as the sales and purchase agreement was signed for the van Tonder family’s rural Hunua property.

With the quick planning process it meant that the excavations required to install a custom fiberglass swimming pool at this property started within a few days of settlement. Amotto supplied and installed a new 10m x 4m pool, which included a beach seat and independent play space on the side.

Our owners completed the decking and fencing works themselves. This was a seamless project which has already provided many hours of entertainment for the family.

Custom Fiberglass Pool Supply Only (Moody Family)

The practically minded Moody family in Greenhithe wanted to install their own swimming pool.

Undertaking a plan with the family, Amotto provided the client with a custom fiberglass pool shell (6m x 3m) and assisted with delivery onsite.

Once completed, the pool will be the focal point of their backyard which will be thoroughly enjoyed by their three children.

Riverina Fiberglass Pool (Weir Family)

The Weir family always knew they wanted a swimming pool on their property.

Although the ideal area had a beautiful garden, it was quickly moved to allow the swimming pool to be installed. This area, which sits adjacent to their outdoor entertainment space, is sheltered with all day sunshine.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the Weir family to create a unique outdoor space for their family to enjoy.

Custom Fiberglass Pool (Hayward Family)

Prior to purchasing their new property, the Hayward family had seeked and got clearance from the council that it was possible to install a swimming pool in their new backyard.

The available space was planned and maximized with a custom-built fiberglass swimming pool, which was lifted into position via the neighboring driveway.

The lovely landscaping was planned and completed by Gold Leaf Landscapes.

The family (especially the children) are thoroughly enjoying their new swimming pool and backyard which is providing many hours of entertainment.

Custom Fibreglass Plunge Pool Installation (Yallop Family)

Amotto worked with the Yallop family to design, manufacture and install their custom fiberglass plunge pool.

The Yallop family had the opportunity to install a small plunge pool in a designated outdoor area within the scope of their renovation project.

The family had a clear understanding of what their specific needs were and provided a detailed plan of their desired pool. All of these specifications were met by our factory, manufacturing their custom plunge pool to fit their space and their lifestyle. Amotto worked alongside to ensure a smooth process and the Yallop family were delighted on installation.

Custom Fibreglass Pool Installation (De Vries Family)

Amotto worked with the De Vries family to design, manufacture and install a custom fiberglass pool for their family to enjoy.

The De Vries family had architectural plans drawn for the redevelopment of their backyard by Furze Architecture and Design. Allowing for a cohesive backyard design including their new custom fibreglass swimming pool.

Amotto then worked with Gold Leaf Landscapes who completed the initial excavation works, and after pool installation, the final landscaping for the family.

Residential Pool Upgrade Works (Carruthers Family)

Amotto was initially approached by Kim, as they wanted to look at the options to change their existing swimming pool to incorporate a spa pool which could be used all year round.

Through consultation with the client and an architect, around the options, logistics and unique characteristics of the site, it was decided that the best option was to heat the existing swimming pool to enable it to be used all year round.

Amotto project managed the supply and installation of a new swimming pool cover, solar panels and a heat pump for the client to ensure an efficient system that allows the family to use their pool year round.

Amy was beyond amazing. Things were done so much faster than I expected, her communication was great, and the job exceeded our hopes. We would definitely use her again.

- Kim, Residential Property Owner