Rotorua Aquatic Centre

Project Overview

Amotto Consultancy worked with the Rotorua District Council to independently inspect the Rotorua Aquatic Centre site, providing a non-biased consultancy assessment of the site and work that needed to be undertaken.

council facility
independent operator
facility audit

Project Outcomes

The snapshot inspection by Amotto Consultancy provided the Rotorua District Council with an understanding of the current condition of the swimming pool facilities prior to contracting out operations to an external operator.

rotorua colorful park
rotorua control room
rotorua chemflo
rotorua natural design pool
rotorua water fountain
rotorua life jacket
rotorua clear water pool
rotorua competition pool outdoor
rotorua outdoor pool
rotorua lakes swim
rotorua competition pool
rotorua pool toy
rotorua stunning design

Project Specifications


Rotorua District Council



Project Size

Council owned and operated community public aquatic facility


May 2021

Project Services

Pool Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports

Independent Site Inspection

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