Trent Bray Swim School

Project Overview

Trent Bray Swim School (TBSS) is an indoor purpose-built swim school located on the grounds of Kowhai Intermediate School, Kingsland, Auckland. A popular swim school, Trent Bray Swim School averages between 2500 and 3000 bathers per week. With a growing customer base, Trent’s primary sanitation system was struggling to keep up. To meet this increase in usage, the school wanted to improve the overall water quality.

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Project Outcomes

Amotto Consultancy worked with Dolphin Pacific to install an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) water purification system to provide TBSS with the best water quality possible while ensuring the health and well-being of all staff and clients.

After the AOP system had been installed, the water quality became the best it had ever been and continues to impress both clients and staff. TBSS noticed an immediate improvement in water clarity, and the pool’s combined chlorine levels now comply with New Zealand Standards. Since the installation work was completed, there have been no further chlorine odours or eye/skin complaints.

With Amotto Consultancy alongside, TBSS has been able to provide a far more hygienic, pleasant and enjoyable experience for all who use the facility.

“Since installing the AOP system, we now have a different pool environment. Our combined chlorine has dropped from 1.5 to below 0.5, giving us no chlorine smell when entering the facility. The clarity and sparkle in the water is also something we hadn’t experienced before. Our adult swimmers couldn’t believe the difference days after the installation, raving about how nice the pool is to swim in now. We have a UV system on our small pool and although that works well, it doesn’t compare to the results we get from the AOP system.

Adrian and Amy have been a pleasure to deal with – thank you for such a smooth installation.

I highly recommend the new AOP system to anyone thinking of enjoying the amazing water quality this system gives.”

Trent, Owner, Trent Bray Swim School

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Trent Bray Swim School


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