Whangamata Community Pool

Project Overview

With a full onsite assessment of the aquatic facility, Amotto Consultancy provided Whangamata Community Pool with a Condition Assessment Report, including indicative costs for identified remedial and maintenance works that would improve the future use of the facility.

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Project Outcomes

The Condition Assessment Report:

  • identified compliance requirements
  • prioritised maintenance needs
  • provided recommendations and estimated costs for required works, and
  • identified opportunities to simply improve the function and operations of the facility.

With a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the aquatic facilities and the work needed to bring them to standard and maintain them into the future, Whangamata Community Pool was enabled to make informed decisions, ensuring that the facilities are well maintained for public use and enjoyment. 

As part of the project, Amotto Consultancy was brought in to consult on the development of future works for the facility, providing knowledgeable and informed assistance to create facilities that would serve the community well into the future.

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whangamata community pool
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Project Specifications


Whangamata Community Pool



Project Size

Community public swimming pool facility



Project Services

Site Specific Operational Procedures

Development Consultancy

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