Whangarei Aquatic Centre

Project Overview

Amotto Consultancy was engaged by Smartz to complete a condition assessment of the Whangarei Aquatic Centre facilities, operated by Whangarei District Council.

full site condition assessment report
community hub
upgrade works

Project Outcomes

The condition assessment report provided to Whangarei District Council:

  • identified compliance requirements
  • prioritised maintenance needs
  • provided recommendations and for required remedial works, and
  • identified opportunities to the function and operations of the facility.

With a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the Whangarei Aquatic Centre facilities and indicative remedial works identified, Whangarei District Council was able tomake informed decisions that would improve the future use of the facility.

whangarei control room
whangarei spa
whangarei two slides
whangarei steel
whangaerei kiddie pool
whangarei high jump
whangarei red lines
whangarei clean pool
whangarei control pipe
whangarei filter piepes

Project Specifications


Whangarei District Council



Project Size

Swimming and spa pool facilities


December 2024

Project Services

quality pool accreditation

Condition Assessment report

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