Project Overview

With 35 communities nationwide, many with gardens, workshops and a wide range of recreational facilities, Arvida provides an extensive range of living options, from fully independent villas to full-time care facilities.

Amotto Consultancy was engaged to conduct pre-purchase condition assessment reports on five villages across Auckland (Mayfair, Peninsula Club, Knightsbridge and Parklane) and Tauranga (Ocean Shores). 

Project Outcomes

The pre-purchase site Condition Assessment Reports:

  • detailed what state the facilities were at each of the five communities at the time of Amotto Consultancy’s visit
  • identified what would need to be done to remedy and maintain the facilities in the future.


The information provided in the Condition Assessment Reports enabled Arvida to make an informed decision based on the assessment of the existing aquatic facilities at each community prior to completing their purchase of the communities.

Project Specifications




Auckland, Tauranga

Project Size
Five communities


September 2021

Project Services

Pool Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports

Pre-purchase Condition Assessment Reports