Aquatic Staff Training Sessions

All aquatic facilities require management and maintenance, Amotto Consultancy provides onsite training sessions to all staff. This helps to ensure staff have a full understanding of all site systems, compliance and maintenance methods.

The most effective way to maximise the value of these training sessions is for these to be delivered in conjunction with our site-specific operational procedures (SSOPs). This ensures all aspects discussed within the training session are documented and able to be referred to by staff when required.

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Training sessions are specifically tailored to the unique characteristics of each site and staff. We also offer sessions for new staff or refreshers for current staff members.

Throughout these interactive sessions, all aspects of the SSOPs are explained and discussed to ensure all systems and processes are understood and can be consistently implemented by all staff onsite.

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Our Projects

We write site-specific operational procedures (SSOPs) which comply with the Quality Pool assessment criteria.

Quality Pool is an industry recognised accreditation. This accreditation is for the aquatic environments of retirement villages, health clubs, accommodation providers, motels, hotels and holiday parks.