Aquatic Site-Specific Operational Procedures

Amotto Consultancy writes site-specific operational procedures (SSOPs) for aquatic facilities. These are required by all public and commercial facilities to comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA 2015).

Our experience in writing operational procedures is extensive and includes a wide portfolio of retirement villages, councils, schools and fitness centres.

Retirement Villages and Rest Homes

Retirement villages are operated for the care of a vulnerable group of individuals, and therefore SSOPs must be strictly adhered to. These SSOPs are written to comply with the requirements of the industry recognised QualityPool accreditation. Staff training sessions are also provided to ensure staff have a full understanding of the requirements of their SSOPs.

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Amotto has experience writing site-specific operational procedures for local and regional councils. These site-specific documents relate to the operations of their aquatic and/or recreation facilities. It is imperative that all operational and maintenance requirements are clearly documented to ensure a compliant, consistent high standard of presentation is maintained.

Schools and Educational Institutes

Much like rest homes, schools inherently deal with vulnerable, unpredictable people, generally at a much larger scale. All site-specific considerations are incorporated within the SSOPs, which comply with NZ Standards, industry guidelines and Ministry of Education (MOE) guidelines. Primary schools, intermediate schools, high schools and private schools each have their own relevant factors.


Fitness Centres

Fitness centres, gyms, and private facilities are just as accountable as public pools under HSWA 2015, even in an adults-only pool. The risks to a private establishment from non-compliance are significant. Ensure your SSOPs are professionally considered and composed by engaging with Amotto Consultancy.


The SSOPs are written in accordance with NZS 5826:2010, NZS 4441:2008 and your specific industry (i.e. Ministry of Education (MOE)) guidelines. Information included within the operational procedures manual is based around the following aspects:

  • plant/asset information
  • water testing procedures and guidelines
  • faecal accident response procedures
  • maintenance procedures, and
  • health and safety guidelines.

The operational procedures are written in an informative language that is easy to follow and understand. Although aspects of the procedures are tailored to suit each specific site, implementing them across a portfolio enables consistency across all maintenance procedures and subsequently the presentation of each facility.

Experience has shown us that the operational requirements of a facility are often completed or overseen by a single individual. However, when this person leaves or is unable to attend work unexpectantly, if there are no operational procedures available for the relief staff member to refer to, the site is exposed to an element of risk in terms of what is required and how it is to be completed.

Amotto Consultancy can assist with the initial development and/or ongoing maintenance of site-specific operational procedures and provide expertise to mitigate risk, meet industry guidelines and comply with HSWA 2015 requirements.

Note: Amotto Consultancy also has experience in writing SSOPs for recreational (dry site) facilities.

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Implementing operational procedures onsite ensures your facility has a system in place to identify and manage risks within your workplace and to keep people safe.


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