Project Overview

In recent years, St Peter’s School had not had the correct documentation to maintain Pool Safe accreditation for its swimming pool. With a change in management, the decision was made to ensure the facility met Pool Safe accreditation once again.

St Peter’s Catholic School engaged Amotto Consultancy to complete SSOPs (site-specific operational procedures) for their swimming pool facility in order to comply with the requirements of the Pool Safe accreditation.

Project Outcomes

Site-Specific Operational Procedures: 

  • were written in accordance with NZS 5826:2010 Pool Water Quality, NZS 441:2008 Swimming Pool Design, and industry-specific guidelines
  • were presented St Peter’s Catholic School in a comprehensive manual.


Pool Safe Accreditation:

  • has been presented to St Peter’s Catholic School.

Project Specifications


St Peter’s Catholic School



Project Size

Swimming pool


May 2021

Project Services