Aquatic Facility Inspections

Unsure what needs attention at your site? Amotto Consultancy conducts independent facility inspections for aquatic and recreational facilities.

These inspections provide a ‘snap shot’ of a facility, which gives the proprietor an independent report of operational, maintenance and compliance observations. Our extensive aquatic industry experience, operational knowledge and eye for detail enables us to provide clients with comprehensive informative reports.

Facility inspections can be completed as a one-off ‘snap shot’ of the facility or on an ongoing basis to monitor maintenance needs and ensure standards are being consistently achieved onsite.

Ongoing inspections are scheduled in accordance with the needs of each individual client – generally on a monthly, six-monthly, annual or pre-season frequency.

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As part of the comprehensive facility inspections, we:

  • inspect the plant to identify all maintenance needs
  • check compliance needs
  • provide operational observations
  • report on cleaning and general presentation of the facility, and
  • if applicable, check site water testing records to ensure the facility is operating within the requirements of NZS 5826:2010 (Pool Water Quality).

Get in touch today, and we can work with you to provide a ‘snapshot’ inspection of your facility.

Our Projects

We write site-specific operational procedures (SSOPs) which comply with the Quality Pool assessment criteria.

Quality Pool is an industry recognised accreditation. This accreditation is for the aquatic environments of retirement villages, health clubs, accommodation providers, motels, hotels and holiday parks.