Project Overview

Amotto Consultancy ran the Request for Price (RFP) process for pool plant maintenance at St Cuthbert’s College aquatic centre. Amotto Consultancy managed the process, evaluated the RFP responses, and made a recommendation to the school. 

Project Outcomes

With their extensive industry knowledge and experience, Amotto Consultancy was able to smooth the RFP process for St Cuthbert’s College and ensure that the outcomes were what is right for the school.

Amotto Consultancy provided an ongoing maintenance service solution that was both innovative and proactive, accomplishing their goal of providing cost-effective whole-of-life asset management, which reduces reactive interventions.

Project Specifications


St Cuthbert’s College


Epsom, Auckland

Project Size

School aquatic facilities


May 2021

Project Services

Condition Assessment Reports

Request for Price (RFP) Process Support