Project Overview

Kensington Park is a residential estate near Orewa Beach on the Hibiscus Coast, offering luxury homes, townhouses and apartments set on 40 acres of park-like surroundings. Its relaxed, laidback lifestyle is perfect for those who have retired or even those approaching retirement who are looking to maintain their ind ependence.

For the Kensington Park Residents Association, it is essential to maintain Kensington Park as a safe and enjoyable place to live. Meticulous attention is paid across all levels, ensuring all operational and compliance factors throughout the neighbourhood are achieved and maintained to a high standard. Amotto Consultancy worked with Kensington Park to complete a Condition Assessment Report, Site-Specifc Operational Procedures and Staff Training of their existing swimming pool facility. 

Project Outcomes

The site Condition Assessment Report:

  • identified compliance requirements
  • prioritised maintenance needs
  • provided recommendations and estimated costs for required works, and
  • identified opportunities to simply improve the function and operations of the facility.


Site-Specific Operational Procedures:

  • were written in accordance with NZS 5826:2010 Pool Water Quality, NZS 441:2008 Swimming Pool Design, and industry-specific guidelines
  • were presented to Kensington Park Residents Association in a comprehensive manual.


Onsite staff training sessions:

  • familiarised the aquatic staff with the SSOPs
  • ensured the aquatic staff at Kensington Park have the capability to run a well-maintained, healthy and pleasant aquatic facility.


Through this project with Amotto Consultancy, the Kensington Park Residents Association now has the confidence they are providing healthy, safe, enjoyable and future-proofed swimming pool and sauna facilities, and a high level of service to their residents.

Project Specifications


Kensington Park Retirement Village


Orewa, Auckland

Project Size

Swimming pool & sauna facilities


May 2021

Project Services