Project Overview

Water Treatment System Report 

Second Nature Charitable Trust (the management entity of Vector Wero Whitewater Park) engaged Amotto Consultancy to provide a report on the current operations of the water treatment system. Amotto Consultancy then outlined modifications that would be required if there were changes to the current business model to include ‘in water’ activities. This report was used as the basis for the filtration system upgrade works.

Filtration System Upgrade

The second project with Amotto Consultancy was to look at the water filtration system in use at the Vector Wero Whitewater Park, both its current state and how it could be improved and upgraded.

When Vector Wero Whitewater Park decided to proceed with the filtration system upgrade, Amotto Consultancy was engaged to perform the following roles in the four phases of the upgrade:

Phase 1 – Project management and preliminary design review
Phase 2 – Contractor engagement
Phase 3 – Project delivery
Phase 4 – Commissioning and handover.

Project Outcomes

Amotto Consultancy’s involvement in these two projects mean that the water quality at Vector Wero Whitewater Park is at the same level and comfortable for users beyond the initial intent of the operations. With the improved filtration system now in place, the facility is robust enough to function well into the future.

Vector Rapids
Dam Water
Public Pool Dam
Wero Bulding
Vector Wero View
Yellow Track Park
spaceful pool
Tubes Gray

Project Specifications


Vector Wero Whitewater Park


Manukau, Auckland

Project Size

Large scale outdoor water activity facility


October 2017 – Water Treatment System Report
November 2022 – Filtration System Upgrade

Project Services

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Water Treatment System Report

School Swimming Pools

Filtration System Upgrade