Project Overview

Arvida call their residential properties communities, rather than retirement villages because they’re designed to encourage and support full interaction with the neighbourhoods and people around them.

Their newest communities include facilities that can also be enjoyed by members of the public. They want their residents to stay actively engaged with the broader community, as well as others who are at a similar stage of life. 

Amotto Consultancy worked with several of the Arvida communities to provide site-specific operational procedures (SSOPs) that enabled Arvida‘s vision of engagement with the wider public. We also provided onsite staff training sessions to help implement these procedures across the communities.

Project Outcomes

Site-Specific Operational Procedures:

  • were written in accordance with NZS 5826:2010 Pool Water Quality, NZS 441:2008 Swimming Pool Design, and industry-specific guidelines
  • were presented to each of the 10 Arvida communities in a comprehensive manual
  • used as the basis for the onsite staff training sessions.

Onsite staff training sessions:

  • familiarised the aquatic staff with the SSOPs
  • ensured the aquatic staff at the five communities have the capability to run a well-maintained, healthy and pleasant aquatic facility, both for the residents of their community and also for the wider public.

Through this project with Amotto Consultancy, the aquatic staff at these 14 Arvida communities now have the procedures and training to deliver a healthy, safe, enjoyable and future-proofed environment both for the residents of their communities and their guests, as well as the wider public.

Project Specifications


Arvida Lauriston Park
Arvida Lansdowne Park
Arvida Oakwoods
Arvida Waimea Plains
Arvida Queenstown Country Club 
Arvida Ocean Shores
Arvida Knightsbridge
Arvida Parklane
Arvida Mayfair
Arvida Peninsula Club
Arvida Aria Bay
Arvida Molly Ryan
Arvida Bethlehem Shores
Arvida Bethlehem Country Club



Project Size
Aquatic facilities across 14 communities


March 2022

Project Services