Project Overview

Amotto Consultancy worked with the Bluff Community Pool Trust to provide site-specific operational procedures for their existing pool facilities, and onsite aquatic staff training for implementing new procedures.

Amotto Consultancy assisted Bluff Community Pool Trust during their Quality Pool Accreditation Process, meaning that the pool facilities meet NZ standards.

Project Outcomes

Aquatic SSOPs:

  • were written in accordance with NZS 5826:2010 Pool Water Quality, NZS 441:2008 Swimming Pool Design, and industry-specific guidelines
  • were presented to Bluff Community Pool in a comprehensive manual.


Onsite staff training sessions:

  • familiarised the aquatic staff with the SSOPs
  • ensured the aquatic staff at Bluff Community Pool have the capability to run a well-maintained, healthy and pleasant aquatic facility.


Quality Pool accreditation:

  • has been presented to the Bluff Community Pool.

With SSOPs in place and comprehensive onsite aquatic staff training, the Bluff Community Pool has the procedures to maintain their facilities now and in the future. The assurance of the Quality Pool Accreditation means that the staff and community can use the pool with confidence that it is a safe space to enjoy.

Project Specifications


Bluff Community Pool Trust



Project Size

Community-operated public swimming pool facility


May 2021

Project Services