Project Overview

The Ngata Memorial College swimming pool, located centrally within the school grounds, has been used by the school and the surrounding community for many years. It is a central space for the wider community and has been used to host a number of community events in the past. There was a clear desire by the school and the community to continue using the swimming pool in the future.

Amotto Consultancy worked with Ngata Memorial College to provide a Condition Assessment Report on the current state of the swimming pool and advise what remedial work needed to be done to maintain the facility into the future.

Project Outcomes

The site Condition Assessment Report:

  • identified compliance requirements
  • prioritised maintenance needs
  • provided recommendations and estimated costs for required works, and
  • identified opportunities to simply improve the function and operations of the facility.

Ngata Memorial College now has a clear understanding of the current condition of its pool and the costs to repair and upgrade this facility. This has helped the College to prioritise and budget work within the pending project scope or defer some upgrades for completion later.

Working with Amotto Consulting, Ngata Memorial College has ensured the future of their community swimming pool facility.

Project Specifications


Ngata Memorial College



Project Size

Swimming pool


May 2021

Project Specifications

Condition Assessment Reports

Condition Assessment Report